Things to consider when deciding if MyCompass is right for you!
Has MyCompass completed a Privacy Impact Assessment?

MyCompass contracted an external party to complete a thorough Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA). The objective of this is to determine any current privacy risks that exist for implementation, and to provide mitigation recommendations.

A review of the 10 privacy principles as set out in the Canadian Standards Association’s Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information as they apply to MyCompass was undertaken. Any risks and recommendations that were identified during this process have been documented in the official Privacy Impact Assessment and best practice strategies are in place to mitigate risks.

If you are a current customer or new customer looking to implement MyCompass and would like a copy of the public PIA document, please contact us at hello@mycompassplanning.com

What data can be obtained from MyCompass?

Data for people served and guardians: MyCompass has focused on creating rich data for people served and guardians to monitor how goals are progressing and what real time learning is occurring along the way.  For people served who struggle with reading and writing, often they love to go through the pictures of accomplishments and important moments they want to share with approved contributors. Guardians and individuals served can comment and give feedback on goals in real time. People can also track how goals made them feel, add comments and pictures. Goals can be set with due dates and support in accomplishing goals are set by assigning goals to contributors. Contributors receive automatic reminders to follow up.  Data around tracking whether goals are accomplished or not and what was learned can also be tracked.

Data for supervisors for performance reviews of support workers: MyCompass helps supervisor track when goals were set, due, who was assigned to support making them happen and whether they were accomplished or not. MyCompass also helps to track who has interacted with log notes and search keywords of log notes and incidents. There is also a custom data tracking feature that allows MyCompass administrators to create questions and track quantitative data at an organizational level. There are employment data tracking features, and a quality of life measurement tool built in based on 8 quality of life domains and how many goals are tagged with the quality of life domains.

Data for strategy leads in organizations: In summer 2019 new visual data dashboards with a mix of quantitative and qualitative data for organizational strategy leads was developed. These dashboards will allow for sense making of aggregate data to see how an organization is performing with engagement, accomplishment of goals, supporting quality of life and impacting lives of those served.

How do people get started and invited to MyCompass?

Administrators you identify in your organization will invite contributors to profiles and plans. Contributors will receive an email invitation to securely join MyCompass: People Powered Planning. People will only receive an email with access to the file of the person you have received existing written consent to have access to information.

How often are you improving MyCompass?

We are always open to hear and respond to feedback on how we can improve MyCompass. New features are being developed on an on-going basis. As a customer, you may be invited from time to time to give feedback and be part of ideating around new features. Check out recently completed new features and features in our roadmap Here

Is there support if we need it?

Yes! There are a few options.

  1. Our self serve support centre is equipped with lots of "how to" information.
  2. Feel free to contact us through our support centre and we will get back to you in a timely manner, often within a few hours or a day.
  3. If you are interested in additional in-person training, in-person directed planning facilitation, or would like the MyCompass team to help train staff, families or individuals served you can request that through hello@mycompassplanning.com. Please keep in mind that additional in-person training days cost $900/day plus travel and expenses.
We don't call our plan developers Team Leaders like the MyCompass, can that be changed?

It's ok if your support agency does not use the same position titles as the 8 that MyCompass use for permission levels it doesn't need to be changed. MyCompass uses these levels to outline access and permission levels for the different users of MyCompass. For example, an agency administrator would assign a Team Leader permission level to whoever was going to help input goals into MyCompass, regardless of their position or title within an organization.

Who is able to access what information in MyCompass?

There are 8 different types of users (Contributors) in MyCompass:

  1. Individual (person served)
  2. Guardian/Office of the Public Guardian
  3. Government Funder
  4. Partner Support Agency
  5. Family/Close Friend
  6. Key Support Worker
  7. Team Lead
  8. Manager/Senior Manager

Each type of user(contributor) has different views and access within MyCompass. For privacy, not everybody can access all information. An individual served and/or Guardian must specifically give consent through an external release of information before having access to a person's profile information in MyCompass. After a demo, we will share with you the permissions matrix of who can access and see what information. Designing who has access to what in MyCompass was created from research input from people with disabilities, families, service providers, and government funders.

What are “contributors” in MyCompass?

Contributors are the people who have written Release of Information and Consent from a person supported and/or their guardian in order to help with making plans, goal setting, checking-in and following up on how things are going. Only agency administrators (Team Leader user permission level in MyCompass) can send an invitation to the appropriate people, once they have consent to access information. Once a person receives an email invitation to contribute to a person's profile on MyCompass, they are able to securely set up their account.

There are 8 types of contributor user levels in MyCompass and are outlined below. Each user has specific permissions of what they can and can't access in MyCompass.

What if we don't have wifi or a good wired internet connection and people work in rural areas?

There are 2 options in this case:

Option 1. Printable paper workbooks, with all the planning questions of MyCompass are provided with every instance. These workbooks can be used by case workers when they go out into remote areas, they can gather the information and then input the information into MyCompass when they return to a location with internet access.

Option 2. Some organizations purchase cellular LTE sticks that enable computers, smart devices or Chromebooks to work in rural locations that do not have internet, but do have LTE cellular service. Inputting information into MyCompass plans and profiles uses very little cellular data.

Do we need special hardware to run MyCompass?

No. You can use your existing computers and smart devices. MyCompass will work on any web browser.

Some organizations have found it useful to purchase Chromebooks. Chromebooks are web based small laptops that are quite affordable - $150-$350 for a decent Chromebook, however this is not a requirement.

I can't find it on the app store, how do people download the app?

MyCompass is not on any app stores. It is web app. This means it works through internet browsers that work on any type of computer or smartphone. When securely logging on through a smart phone it automatically adjusts to your phone screen and looks and acts like an smartphone app. It also works on any computer or Chromebook.

The reason MyCompass is a web app is so that it can be accessed by any type of hardware device. This makes it so that the hardware you already have will not be a hindrance to use of MyCompass planning.

You need to be connected to the internet to use MyCompass.

How does pricing work with MyCompass?

Request a demo will kickstart the pricing process! This allows us to learn about the needs of your specific organization, and will send a pricing quote following that information collection.

MyCompass is enterprise software that is set up on private secure servers for each organization. There is a first year set up and licensing fee and then lower yearly subscription fee based on 3 year or 5 year contracts. MyCompass is priced based on the individuals served. You don't pay per contributors,  organizations pay based on how many profiles are set up. So, you might serve 100 people(100 profiles) and each person served has 15 to 20 contributors per plan. You only pay for the number of profiles set up not the number of contributors, which means you can have as many contributors as you like to plans.

Keep in mind, MyCompass will be your planning, and core case management software. It saves time in the long run and helps your organization live humanized person centred values everyday. Pricing is affordable, and for comparison is cheaper on a yearly basis than a current Netflix subscription for each person served.

Contact us for more information.

Our organization has a very specific customization need, can you customize MyCompass for us?

Yes, there is additional cost to scope the exact details of the customization you require and determine the cost to build the feature or module you require. If you have a specific feature in mind, please contact us to learn more, or email us at hello@mycompassplanning.com.

Can MyCompass be used in supported employment contexts?

Yes, you can customize the questions asked and tailor them to any goal planning context, including employment as a goal.

Can MyCompass be used in support of youth?

Yes, you can customize the questions asked in the planning phase, tailoring them specifically to youth related goal planning and context.

What makes MyCompass different?

MyCompass is the only software that enables people served and guardians to be involved in the planning and reporting process. The system was built based on years of research and input from people with disabilities, families, service providers, thought leaders in human services and government funders. It truly humanizes case management, saves your organization time in the long run on administrative tasks and helps support workers get better at person-directed planning.

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Is MyCompass safe and secure?

MyCompass is a secure, web-based tool with automatic safeguards of information and data. It is more secure than paper-based systems. No data will be shared between parties who do not have written consent to view information. All agency Policies & Procedures, existing signed agreements, releases of information, FOIP and privacy and confidentiality agreements of who can access a person’s information supported by the agency remains unchanged.

  • Every organization using MyCompass has their own separate server instance, so that no data is shared.  
  • Every user of MyCompass must agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before they are able to create an account.
  • Users should never share their passwords.
  • Only the people who have a Release of Information form signed to share information between users can interact and see information about someone served.
  • All data is stored on Canadian servers and backed up in case of loss of data.
  • Users are automatically logged out after 15 minutes of inactivity on MyCompass.
  • Learn more about MyCompass security here

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