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Chart a course toward all the things that make life great.

Planning tools for people with disabilities


MyCompass is an online platform that helps people with disabilities plan together with their supports. It lets people communicate, reflect and keep track of how things are going along the way.


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MyCompass has a variety of online tools to aid in the person-directed planning process.


People receiving supports lead the way

People with disabilities want good lives like everyone else. To really know what people want and need to have a good life requires thoughtful and effective planning. MyCompass puts people with disabilities, their guardians and people they trust at the helm, helping craft their plans and follow up on how things are going.

Humanized Case Management

MyCompass replaces traditional case management tools that are often bureaucratic, hard to use and less than enlightening. MyCompass is user friendly and helps showcase the human side of a person to ensure supports and systems remember people aren’t a case number or file.

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Communication and Coordination

The ease with which people with disabilities and their supports can communicate and collaborate - no matter the time or distance - is a major strength of MyCompass. MyCompass helps people with disabilities, families and teams supporting a person stay in touch, comment easily on a plan, share pictures of milestones and track progress.


Secure, cloud based, on any device

MyCompass allows people to connect on the go, make plans in a park, a living room or coffee shop. This means with MyCompass you can plan and collaborate in community where the person being supported can decide what kind of space works for him or her.

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Meaningful Outcome Reporting

Setting goals and planning ways to get there is only one step in helping people get and do the things that make life great. Another important piece of providing good support is having a way to know if all that planning and taking action steps have resulted in good things happening. MyCompass makes keeping track of results very simple and informative. Paying ongoing attention to results helps everyone know if plans are working or if they need to be tweaked or changed.

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Meaningful Reflection in Log Notes

MyCompass transforms log notes from what is often a bureaucratic experience into one of reflective learning. Important daily information that needs to be tracked can be documented and important conversations and pictures that reflect how a person’s day went can be captured and discussed.  


Having families actively engaged in planning for their son or daughter is the best way to ensure supports are the absolute best they can be. Life isn’t planned once a year, and being involved on a continuous basis through MyCompass Planning presents opportunities for ongoing dialogue and conversations.
— Barbara and Robert Nish – Family members
I love the intuitive nature of MyCompass making it far easier to work with than other data collection tools. Above all, it has meaning and purpose for the individual serving to highlight the person directed approach that our agency believes in.
— Kristine Cassie, MSc, RSW, Director of Operations - Southern Alberta Community Living Association
I love that in a secure way I can plan in real time with families and people I support. I’m not ordinarily that good with technology, but MyCompass is just intuitive and easy to use. I like that you can easily check progress on plans, track dates and families can stay in touch and see meaningful updates in pictures and other ways about how their loved ones are doing and see what they are working on to make life better.
— Carina Grosskopf, Team Leader - Skills Society