Build meaningful, relevant plans
MyCompass facilitates a robust discovery process to help people served and their supports to identify their goals and the steps required to accomplish them. The platform helps plans come to life, be adjusted, and tracked to ensure success.
Secure storage of key information
Capture all the important information you need to track as an organization. It's case management, without feeling like case management.
Digital log notes
Safely take your binders full of paper log notes into the digital age. Configure questions on a per-person basis, capture incident reports, track who has viewed each log note. Don't worry, everything is kept private, safe and secure.
Collaborative community asset mapping
Crowdsource community assets and place based opportunities. Help people to build a secure, personalized map of all the important places in their community. Create new goals based on the activities and places available around a person.
Qualitative and quantitative data on demand
Generate meaningful reports. Reports with pictures and stories for people served, and reports with numbers and quality of life measures for organizations and funders.
Barbara Nish

Life isn’t planned once a year

...and being involved on a continuous basis through MyCompass Planning presents opportunities for ongoing dialogue and conversations. Having families actively engaged in planning for their son or daughter is the best way to ensure supports are the absolute best they can be.
Barbara and Robert Nish
Family members and disability advocate
tell as story

Stay connected with my family in meaningful ways

"I love how MyCompass allows me to keep track of my goals that I have planned to achieve. I also like how it allows families to be actively engaged with what is happening in their son or daughters lives"
Brandon A.
Person served who uses MyCompass

I'm part of it!

“MyCompass App is very cool where I can be a part of and be able to access and see what pictures caregivers put in my timeline and the comments they put after them describing what the photos are representing. And I can comment on them too. I also get to be a part of who I choose to help me with my goals so I can get them achieved.”
Erin Kinloch-Galesloot
Person served who uses MyCompass

I love the intuitive nature of MyCompass

...making it far easier to work with than other data collection tools. Above all, it has meaning and purpose for the individual serving to highlight the person directed approach that our agency believes in.
Kristine Cassie, MSc, RSW, Director of Operations
Southern Alberta Community Living Association

Help people set their own goals and accomplish them

Setting goals and follow through is easier to manage now that you can assign people and the tasks they need to do to help a person they support to accomplish their goals. I really like that it is a living way to stay on track, instead of relying on a paper copy of goals that we only used to look at once a year when it was time to update
Dawn Kamara, Team Leader
Skills Society