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Brandon's Story

Charting the Course to a Good Life with MyCompass.
Brandon's Story

‍"It allows me to share that I've accomplished something."

Brandon is a friendly guy passionate about computers and gaming who loves to hang out with his family and black lab, Kolby. He puts his wicked tech skills to work, as a computer, tablet, and smartphone specialist, troubleshooting and solving technology bugs for people and volunteering weekly as an assistant in a computer class offered at the Learning Centre.

"I like how simple it is to use."

Brandon was part of early conversations and planning for MyCompass, giving his feedback and insights to make the app better. Brandon now uses MyCompass as a tool in his own planning and goal setting - frequently posting pictures and other content communicating cool things that have happened, questions he has, things he’s proud of, and things he wants to try or get better at.

Brandon’s quote highlights the core strengths of MyCompass

It places Brandon front and centre, humanizing the planning process. It enables Brandon to take the lead in his own planning. It’s easy to use, meaning it actually gets used, by everyone on the team, on a regular basis. It keeps everyone in the loop on what’s happening in Brandon’s life so he doesn’t have to worry about telling multiple people, multiple times.

"it's easy to inform my staff of what’s going on in my life"

Brandon’s supports feel better able to respond to what Brandon is expressing. Being able to access the app across devices and at any time, allows them to keep up with the things Brandon wants them to know. "Brandon can post a picture of something he is doing and I can see it right away on the app” - Ziaul, one of Brandon’s supports

Importantly, Brandon feels listened to.

MyCompass has changed the way Brandon and his supports approach planning. Rather than being bound by rigid, dehumanizing planning meetings that happen once or twice a year, MyCompass is flexible and adaptable, enabling Brandon and his supports to plan and strategize as life unfolds.