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Stay connected with my family in meaningful ways

"I love how MyCompass allows me to keep track of my goals that i have planned to achieve. I also like how it allows families to be actively engaged with what is happening in their son or daughters lives"
Brandon A.
Person served who uses MyCompass
MyCompass in Action

Easy and supports meaningful interactions

"I love that in a secure way I can plan in real time with families and people I support. I'm not ordinarily that good with technology, but MyCompass is just intuitive and easy to use. I like that you can easily check progress on plans, track dates and families can stay in touch and see meaningful updates in pictures and other ways about how their loved ones are doing and see what they are working on to make life better."
Carina Grosskopf, Team Leader
Skills Society

I'm part of it!

“MyCompass App is very cool where I can be a part of and be able to access and see what pictures caregivers put in my timeline and the comments they put after them describing what the photos are representing. And I can comment on them too. I also get to be a part of who I choose to help me with my goals so I can get them achieved.”
Erin Kinloch-Galesloot
Person served who uses MyCompass