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Thank You To Our Feature Patrons!

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Thank You To Our Feature Patrons!

We are very pleased and grateful to the two organizations came forward to support and expedite new features in MyCompass. One very innovative organization in British Columbia called Burnaby Association for Community Living (BACI) and another very innovative and anonymous patron in Alberta.  BACI has stepped up to fund all three new features including video features that make communication in MyCompass more inclusive. Our anonymous patron in Alberta is funding 2 features including a Humanized Data and Satisfaction Survey Feature and Customizable permissions for an Organization. Every MyCompass user will be able to benefit from these features thanks to our patrons. Huge Thank you!

Features coming soon thanks to our patrons

1. Video functionality for MyCompass

Video is more than a fancy feature. Being able to safely upload videos by people served, and supports makes communication more inclusive of diverse abilities

Estimated launch: December 2020

2. Humanized Data and Satisfaction Survey Feature

Imagine going to the current organizational dashboard and seeing both the quantitative data reports as well as a gallery of pictures people served have given consent to share to make sure people served aren’t forgotten. Imagine seeing this short story gallery, with quotes from people served, and which quality of life domain people have tagged the moment with. This feature centres the voice of people served and supports organization leads and potential funders with the right permissions set to not just see people as numbers, but see the human side and real strengths and needs of people.

Estimated launch: January 2021

3. Customizable permissions for an Organization

This is requested a lot by organizations. The features allows organization admins using MyCompass to safely create their own permission levels as needed. Current MyCompass permissions levels will be the default, but each organization would be able to create additional permission levels to serve their stakeholders as they see fit.

Estimated launch: December 2020

As you know MyCompass is more than just software, it is about redesigning social service case management interactions alongside the people we serve, resulting in a more humanized, efficient and engaging support system that allows people to truly thrive. Our vision at MyCompass Planning is to make humanized disability and social services case management so compelling that individuals, organizations and governments instinctively centre their work around the rights, needs, and aspirations of the people they serve.

Shared Vision

Those who adopt MyCompass and in particular our feature patrons share in our vision and movement building to humanize systems and center the right voices.

Designed Together

These features build on the co-design workshops facilitated a year ago with people and organizations using MyCompass and from feedback from people served.

MyCompass came together as a creative collaboration of stakeholders from non-profits and leaders who have family members with disabilities. Currently when new organizations sign on to use MyCompass, the funds received are allotted to maintaining the current system and to research and build out new features that humanize support interactions. The way we have maintained growth and development means to date we have grown in a grassroots way and haven’t had to go after venture capital where there is a stronger possibility of losing control of the vision. New feature requests are added to a list based on valuable feedback, and are prioritized and developed based on the number of requests by users, as well as the amount of funds available to MyCompass for development at that time. This list is quite fluid, updated every time an organization passes along an idea, as well as every time a new feature is developed. You can see a list of future planned and recently completed features on the Features Roadmap

Recap Of What Being A MyCompass Feature Patron Means

MyCompass has features that are of high priority to many organizations.

  1. Being a MyCompass feature patron helps expedite the implementation of features in MyCompass.
  2. Being a MyCompass feature patron contributes to systems change work to humanize disability support interactions and center the voices of people with disabilities who are served.
  3. Being a MyCompas feature patron, MyCompass will recognize your contributions if you permit us to on our website and social media and how you’re organizations are contributing to systems change and making life better for people with disabilities.