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A person's circle of support, kept in the loop

MyCompass allows pictures and updates to be shared with the important people in an individual’s circle. Persons served and their supports are able to share images and updates as they occur. Sharing moments makes tracking progress in a plan simple. Timeline is not public and completely secure. Only an individual's circle of support are allowed permission to engage in a timeline, with written consent.

Bring people together
Family members who can’t attend meetings or who live in different cities can stay connected to their loved one’s life. They can check in whenever they like to see latest events, and keep in touch with comments.
The person served is front and center
MyCompass is the only tool that ensures system needs are met while not losing the perspective of the person served. This is the heart of the real innovation of MyCompass. The goal is to ensure everyone sees the person and their unique abilities, not simply a file number. People served and their supports actively participate in co-designing the support they want and need to make life better.
Pictures make it more inclusive
Not everyone can read and write well, something that can exclude people supported from being part of person directed planning. MyCompass has a visual focus, and allows people served and supports to upload pictures to assist in communicating ideas and sharing moments.
Completing tasks and accomplishing goals
Timeline is also where the person served and their supports report when to do items and goals are accomplished. Pictures of highlights can be uploaded and comments can be created to track how the person felt about the event or accomplishment.
Share life moments as they happen
Great things don't just happen once a year at the time of reviewing a plan. MyCompass makes it easy to keep track of unexpected moments that show progress towards goals and quality of life outcomes. Securely upload pictures from a phone or desktop computer to immediately share important milestones and progress, as soon as those events occur.