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See the person not a file number

Each individual in MyCompass has an 'About' page that helps a person tell their story, their interests, hopes of their guardian, family, unique ways they communicate and more. The about page is a living, breathing visual and written story that can be regularly updated to reflect the new developments in someone's life.

Tell a story with pictures
You can upload up to 3 images for each section of the about page, creating a visual representation of someone's story. Not everyone can read and write well and this can exclude people supported from being part of person directed planning. With being able to share pictures in MyCompass, people served who struggle with literacy can be part of the process.
Ensure supports see the human side of a person first
Too often service systems are set up so that the first introduction new staff have to someone they will be supporting is a medicalized case file. With a person first profile, staff discover the human side first, transforming support interactions.
human side
Capture the past and the present
Previous interests are as important to understand as current ones. Knowing what someone is interested in helps build meaningful plans.
Configurable prompting questions
Administrators can custom tailor prompting questions for each area of the about page, for all individuals in the organization.