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Better planning, every time.

MyCompass guides individuals, and supports through the planning process. The questions asked in MyCompass were developed and tested over five years by both people with disabilities and experts in what supports quality of life. Learn together, discover, brainstorm and co-create goals that matter for people.

Plan when and where it matters
You have options with MyCompass. Plan with someone in their living room, a coffee shop, or on the go. Any place you have wifi or a data plan you are able to use MyCompass. You can also use the printable workbook for note taking and then input information later. Guardians and support persons who can't attend planning meetings, can securely login to share ideas, and insights to contribute to plans.
SMART goal planning
MyCompass helps you follow the best principles of setting goals: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Responsible, and Timely.
Tool that helps people learn how to plan well
In our research we found that many organizations spend a lot of money on training staff to learn how to lead person directed planning. We also found that much of this training fails to produce results. With MyCompass, staff learn planning by doing because the platform facilitates and guides the process. With learning by doing, staff become more empowering plan facilitators.
Assign responsibilities so goals are accomplished
MyCompass makes it easy to assign people and responsibilities for accomplishing goals. People automatically receive email reminders before goals assigned to them are due.
5 pillars for planning goals
During our research, we found people and families served don't naturally think in quality of life outcome terms. People told us they think about and plan goals around five main areas. 1. Home Life 2. Health and Wellness 3. Relationships 4. Community Connections and 5. Employment. If you want to customize, add another pillar and create prompt questions, you can also do that.
Tracking 8 quality of life outcomes
People served don't think in terms of quality of life outcomes, but funders and service providers need to track if people's goals are helping achieve quality life. MyCompass can help track what goals are leading towards these 8 quality of life outcomes.
PMF compatible plan review for Alberta based organizations
The plan review process aligns with the Government of Alberta PMF reporting requirements. Generate a spreadsheet in seconds, and save hours.