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Preparing the Next Generation of Students in Disabilities Studies

Recently we were invited to NorQuest College to present MyCompass Planning to Staff of the future.
Preparing the Next Generation of Students in Disabilities Studies

Todays world is changing day by day with new technology but the larger question that people are facing is: 'Does technology help us or hurt us'?  What if staff, family, friends and other professionals were able to interact alongside someone with a disability in real time no matter where they are at that moment? What if we could design a more humanized, efficient and engaging support system to help individuals living with disabilities to truly THRIVE?

Recently we were invited to share the MyCompass Planning software app with students training in Disability Studies at NorQuest College in downtown Edmonton, Alberta Canada. During this time we met the students who were studying in the disabilities field and we found it encouraging to see our future is in some great hands.

We were excited to share how the MyCompass Planning software can facilitate a robust discovery process to help the people they will be supporting to  identify their goals and also the steps required to accomplish them. In the end, students were surprised how such an engaging app was built to help make individuals plans come to life, be adjusted, and even tracked to ensure success.

The students were excited that such a digital platform even existed, that is so engaging and exciting to use but could still capture all the important information needed to track so much Individual Case Management without even feeling like it's Case Management.

The smiles that came to their faces was priceless when they saw how MyCompass Planning app could safely take binders full of paper log notes and bring them into the digital age and Configure questions on a per-person basis, capture incident reports, track who has viewed each log note as it's digitally stamped. All that plus ensuring everything is kept private, safe and secure all while being able to generate meaningful reporting process.

What really went over well with our presentation was how much they loved the idea that you can put together reports with pictures and stories for people served. All this while using a cloud based software.

This takes me back to our original question. 'Does technology help us or hurt us'? In the end it all depends how it is used and in the case of MyCompass Planning, this tool has proven time and time again to not only be fun and engaging but it really helps people with disabilties chart a course toward all things that make life great!