Posted 29 Mar 2023
Community Asset Mapping

Community Mapping (sometimes called Asset Mapping) is all about involving everyone in identifying the assets of their neighbourhood. Maps are a valuable and effective method of ensuring we know how to get to where we want to go, without getting lost. 

 Community Asset Mapping is combined with the power of crowdsourcing in MyCompass. People can build a community asset map of all the important spaces in their life. Accessible activities and amenities can be securely shared on a map, opening up new possibilities for the individuals you support.

Our mapping tool allows you to capture the public spaces important to individuals yet also Keep track of private places where a person engages in home and community life as well. That means only that individual supported and the supports in their life can see a map of places that are important to them.

 Discover new spaces and opportunities in your city/town. By using a crowdsourced map, you will be able to discover accessible locations of all the locations that are made public for the organization. Every user of MyCompass can suggest updates to locations. To ensure all information is accurate, all the updates are moderated before appearing live, allowing you to ensure quality standards are met.

Maps are visual and easy to relate to. Not only does our crowd sourced mapping help us find a location we have created with the exact location but it can be edited to ensure we know as much information as possible about a particular location (example: is it wheelchair accessible?). 

 You are also able to attach a picture of the location for a visual reminder that upon reaching your destination, you know you are at the right destination. If the location has a website, you can attach the link to give the user the ability to search for more information about that location (example: Food menu or details of what equipment is available in the recreation centre)

Ultimately, your favourite locations can be mapped to create a picture of the community which shows its capacity and its potential.