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Our Vision

MyCompass Planning makes humanized disability and social services case management so compelling that individuals, organizations and governments instinctively centre their work around the rights, needs, and aspirations of the people they serve.

Our Mission
We redesign social service case management interactions alongside the people we serve, resulting in a more humanized, efficient and engaging support system that allows people to truly thrive.
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Theory of Change

How we're changing systems to be more inclusive and humanized.

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Build a Movement
Build a movement to humanize social services by enabling individuals and organizations to put person-directed values into meaningful practice through innovative tools and interactions.
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Research and Co-Design
Research and co-design positive planning, case management and evaluation interactions to make it easier for individuals and organizations to put the interests and quality of life of the people they serve front and centre.
Engage support workers, government and service providers in a more humanized case management approach that ensures the people they serve are not seen as numbers, their lived experience is not lost and their voices are centered.
Design tools and interactions that make it easy for people to embed rights-based principles, person-directed planning methods, human-centered interaction design, behaviour change science, and lived experience stories into every facet of their work.
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Empower people with disabilities and their supports to expand horizons and strengthen a growth mindset in order to improve quality of life.
How it Works
MyCompass helps people with disabilities and their supports to chart a course towards all the things that make life great. MyCompass facilitates more humanized planning, and case management. It nudges systems and supports to more instinctively center the voices of the people they serve and be accountable.
How it started
MyCompass is a partnership between Skills Society, SACLA, Lift Interactive, and Ben Weinlick. After 5 years of research and development with self advocates, families, government, and service providers, MyCompass is spreading. With MyCompass we are on a mission to humanize planning and case management so that people served and their supports can truly be at the helm shaping their services.