Posted 14 Jun 2018
Terms of Use


Below is a short overview of the Terms of Use for MyCompass (The Platform). This overview has been separated into user notices and responsibilities. This is not a complete summary of the Terms of Use, which can be found below in full. Please read the entire Terms of Use carefully and contact us with any questions.

User Notices

The Platform is a secure online platform, provided by MyCompass Planning Inc. (the Company), that enables individuals with disabilities and others in their lives like family members, friends, support agencies, support workers, health care providers and administrators the ability to share information that helps to create person directed plans and follow up on how plans unfold.

Only individuals, guardians, family members, support agencies and workers, health care providers, administrators and others who have signed a consent to release of information form with the Company will be granted access to the Platforrm, including the ability to share content and information.

The Company will not be liable for any Users’ actions or omissions, including health care providers, support agencies and support workers engaged through this Platform that result in harm, damages or losses of any kind.

The Platform does not endorse any treatments, support plans, or health care services. Rather, it is a secure web application that provides tools to Users to help create person directed plans.

The Company retains ownership over all of the intellectual property associated with the Platform, including all intellectual property rights pertaining to our brand.

Users retain ownership of all content they post or otherwise make available on the Platform.

By posting or displaying Content (including text, pictures and video, as defined below) on the Platform, Users grant us a free license to use, distribute and show the Content on the Platform.

Use of the Platform is entirely at the discretion of Users.

User Responsibilities

The information hosted on the Platform is sensitive, private and confidential. We take steps to maintain confidentiality, but we require Users to actively take steps to keep all information safe and confidential. For more information on how we keep information secure, please see our Privacy Policy [hyperlink].

It is the User’s responsibility to keep their user accounts and passwords strictly confidential. This means users must not share their passwords with anyone.

We are happy to answer questions to help you understand the Terms of Use. Feel free to contact us at any time by emailing and please do not use the site until you are fully comfortable with these terms.

A full pdf version of the Terms of Use can be found here.